Renac Shines at The Solar Show Vietnam 2019

From April 3 to 4, 2019, RENAC Carried Photovoltaic Inverter, Energy Storage Inverter and other products appeared at the 2009 Vietnam International Photovoltaic Exhibition (the Solar Show Vitenam) held by GEM Conference Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam International Photovoltaic Exhibition is one of the most influential and largest solar exhibitions in Vietnam. Vietnam's local power suppliers, solar project leaders and developers, as well as professionals from the government and regulatory agencies, all attended the exhibition.

At present, in order to meet the different needs of family, industry and commerce, and energy storage, RENAC has developed 1-80KW ON-GRID solar inverters and 3-5KW energy storage inverters. In view of the Vietnamese market demand, RENAC shows 4-8KW single-phase inverters for family, 20-33KW three-phase grid-connected inverters for Industry and commerce, and 3-5KW energy storage inverters and supporting solutions to meet the requirements of home grid-connected power generation.

According to the introduction, in addition to the advantages of cost and power generation efficiency, RENAC 4-8KW single-phase intelligent inverters are also very prominent in monitoring after-sales. One-button registration, intelligent hosting, fault alarm, remote control and other intelligent functions can effectively reduce the installation business after-sales workload!

Vietnam's solar market has become the hottest market in Southeast Asia since the release of FIT policy in 2017. It attracts many overseas investors, developers and contractors to join the market. Its natural advantage is that the sunshine time is 2000-2500 hours per year and the solar energy reserve is 5 kWh per square meter per day, which makes Vietnam one of the most abundant countries in Southeast Asia. However, Vietnam's power infrastructure is not high quality, and the phenomenon of power shortage is still more prominent. Therefore, besides conventional photovoltaic grid-connected equipment, RENAC storage inverters and solutions are also widely concerned at the exhibition.